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Kate Moss wedding party

I’m guessing these kids were all properly invited to attend Kate’s wedding.

A confused & conflicted reader sent this valid question regarding wedding attendance etiquette.

Q: If you are a couple with a child and you’re invited to a wedding, do you assume your child is invited?  Or, do you check with the couple getting married? Although the latter seems like you’re putting the bride and groom on the spot.

A: There are as many style weddings as there are brides & grooms, however there is very little variation in proper protocol.  Traditionally whomever the invitation is addressed to is who is invited to attend the wedding.  If an entire family is to be included the invitation would be addressed as a family.   If one or more children are invited, but not the entire clan, each child would receive a separate & individual invitation.  It is presumptuous to assume children are included in the guest list if it isn’t specified.

Mr & Mrs – secretly means Mr & Mrs only…

If the reception is a more casual, backyard affair and this style wedding is prevalent amongst your friends, then children would most likely be included.  When in doubt, hire a babysitter and enjoy the opportunity to be mr & mrs, rather then mommy & daddy.


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