photojeanie is a photo archival service that has been streamlining clients’ photographic lives since 2000. With organization options ranging from creating photo album libraries to formal preservation of negatives and slides, the client is liberated from the boxes, envelopes and bags of photographic clutter that have been accumulating for decades. With a meticulous and keen detailed observation, it can be determined what is appropriate for display in albums or frames and what should be archived for reference and storage. Scrapbooks are artistically created with vintage paper, ribbons and unique photo accessories that will ensure a personalized and memorable record of a special occasion. As the tangible photo becomes more rare in the presence of easy access digital and virtual images, it is vital to maintain a history of one’s family through the highly organized, yet aesthetically engaging services of photojeanie. Memories should be preserved – properly.
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  • create photo album library
  • design personalized scrapbooks
  • digital photo albums
  • archive storage system for prints, negatives & slides
  • album consolidation
  • photo selection and display for home & office
  • organization and preservation of press clippings
  • memorabilia presentation
  • iphoto organization
  • special projects