spray paint 102: helpful hints

Earlier this week I succumbed to the plea for a crafter’s how-to spray paint which outlines the basic steps to successfully avoid painting with a brush and achieve a flawless finish.  Today’s post is a follow-up consisting of suggestions and advice that I have amassed from years of being under the influence of aerosol paint inhalants.

helpful hints to consider when spray painting:

  • most manufactures of art quality spray paint have supplemental caps that emit the paint with different effects – thin, wide, fat etc. for specialized spraying consider swapping the standard issue cap for more effective coverage
  • many of the new pigment rich spray paints do not require priming prior to painting, if you want consistent, opaque coverage that will ultimately use less paint, I’d consider a primer coat
  • have a can of compressed air & a pair of tweezers at the ready.  Canned air to clean the nooks & crannies of the piece immediately prior to paint application.  The tweezers (which should not be your beauty go-to pair) to remove spray particles and dust that may land on the piece during the process
  • elevate the piece from the surface (table, floor) to prevent sticking upon removal and potentially peeling the paint after it has dried
  • walk around the object while spray as to ensure complete coverage
  • when painting a frame make sure to cover the lip of the aperture with paint
  • if you intend to have a mirror installed in an empty frame, spray the back of the frame’s window opening as the mirror will reflect the unpainted underside of the interior frame
  • always save enough of the paint for possible touch ups or nicks from handling
  • cover any painted surface with a coat of clear – any finish matte, semi, high gloss will protect the paint from chipping, peeling or scratches
  • discard empty cans in a safe & appropriate receptacle
  • those with long hair should tie it back
  • nail polish remover works just as well as harsher, more expensive painter removers


Like a spent can of Krylon, I think I’ve exhausted the ins & outs of playing spray paint diy like a burner.

If you have any experiences that you’d like to share – bomb the comment section.

keepin it real, son




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