Jeanie Engelbach possesses an innate ability to see what sparkles and shines amidst disorganization and clutter which would explain why Town & Country magazine dubbed her ‘the chaos conqueror’. Since childhood Jeanie demonstrated a creative flair for arrangement that encouraged school friends’ parents to schedule sleepovers so she could tidy playrooms and organize their children’s closets. Her talent in effectively and seamlessly planning other peoples lives lead to executive assistant and management positions at MCA Records, Swiss Bank Corporation, F1i.com and Emusic. In order to balance her creative needs Jeanie would create extravagant homemade scrapbooks for friends walking down the aisle.

In 2000, while applying her photo organization skills to her boss’ lifetime collection of family photos, it occurred to her that photo archiving could be a perfect balance of her compulsion to streamline others’ lives while fulfilling her creative passion. This marriage gave birth to photojeanie.

By 2001, Jeanie’s artistic side prevailed and she pursued a career in visual display and merchandising working at Bergdorf Goodman, Sony‘s Madison Avenue flagship store, asiastore at the Asia Society and St. Bartholomew’s Church. During her visual manager tenure at ABC Carpet & Home her supplemental income business, photojeanie was building a steady stream of word of mouth clients that warranted the attention of Town & Country and later Town & Country Travel. With the increasing demand for her one-of- a-kind scrapbooks and meticulous photo album libraries now on a national level, Jeanie was forced to scale back on her visual display work to a freelance schedule and focus fully on building the photojeanie brand.

As Jeanie continued to work closely with her loyal clientele that includes, Academy Award nominated actors, New York Times best selling authors, Emmy Award winners and a member of the US Treasury, it was noted that her ability to edit and organize was trumped by her keen sense of aesthetics. Her role as photo archivist started to grow into home and office styling. And yet another personal service, apartmentjeanie was developed to assist clients in clutter elimination, interior re-design and creating a cohesive live and work space. Jeanie’s design direction has been showcased in BUST magazine, Metro News and featured on HGTV‘s ‘Small Space Big Style’. She has taught style savvy city dwellers how to create personalized and effective living spaces in the ‘How Decorate on a Shoe String Budget’ series at The Learning Annex.

Between juggling 2 businesses, continuing visual freelance work at Bergdorf Goodman and Sony, Jeanie seized another opportunity to expand her brand. Having been often complimented and imitated by the her hosting style and capabilities, Jeanie began to provide visual display services for intimate size events by incorporating what the client already owned with an innovated approach. With the inception of partyjeanie, Jeanie became a triple threat.

Although Jeanie is beyond busy, she is still able to schedule a few travel holidays to invigorate and expose her to new and exotic forms of presentation and culture.

Jeanie is a member of Cambridge Who Who’s and National Association of Professional Women.

Jeanie would like to take this opportunity to thank her parents for denominating her jeanie as she would have had a far more difficult time branding her mini design empire.