JeaniePolaroid2Jeanie Engelbach is the founder and boss lady of apartmentjeanie, partyjeanie and photojeanie. With her innate ability to see what sparkles and shines amidst disorganization and clutter, it’s no wonder why Town & Country magazine dubbed her ‘the chaos conqueror’.

For the past 20 years (40, if voluntarily cleaning her family’s kitchen pantry and friends’ bedrooms are included), Jeanie has been professionally streamlining the lives of Academy Award nominees, Emmy and Tony award winners, New York Times best selling authors, winners of CBS’ Survivor series, a member of the US Treasury and countless others in dire need of organization and decorating decisions.

With an early career background in the corporate scene and 15 years of employment in the visual departments of ABC Carpet & Home, Bergdorf Goodman and Sony, Jeanie was able to unite her strongest skill sets in creating a lifestyle curating company. Applying a keen sense of aesthetics, the capacity to edit & acute observations, Jeanie provides her clients with what has often been described as a therapeutic and life changing experience.

Jeanie’s success hinges on understanding and anticipating how she can better serve her client. The design core of all 3 services is to implement what the client already owns by recycling with purpose, allowing for the final result to be a true reflection of the individual’s taste and style.

Jeanie lives in New York City with her street savvy bulldog, Tater Tot, but will travel to wherever mayhem & lack luster interior design lurks. Jeanie would like to take this opportunity to thank her parents for naming her so aptly, as she would have otherwise had a far more difficult time branding her lifestyle empire.