my monday morning obsession

red-metal-rolling-cart-tool-storage red-tool-large-roller-cabinet

In hopes that I will post on a more regular schedule, I am instituting a new weekly blog concept called, ‘my Monday morning obsession’.  Whatever idea, design or image that has been lolling around in my brain for more than a New York minute (as I have a very short attention span) is subject to inspection, introspection and hopefully inspiration.

A current apartmentjeanie client is in dire need of a piece of furniture for the foyer that would compliment the design direction of the space, offer abundant storage and could fit the small & awkward entrance way of the open floor plan.  Given the dimensions in which to work – many of the traditional options are too large and overwhelming for the diminutive entry.  There are also some style perimeters that need to be adhered.  The search has been exhausting and fruitless.  Only when I was considering the quantity of sunglasses the couple possessed that it occurred to me that thin display-like drawers would serve them well.  The obvious, but out there choice is a traditional tool cart that has shallow drawers for handy accessibility.

The more I thought about implementing a tool chest on wheels, the more I was obsessed – hence my Monday morning obsession.  Seriously, how perfectly crafted is a cart with multiple storage options, sleek design, offered in different colors and magnetic?  This piece really meets all my client’s needs and is also an interesting alternative as an entrance way table.  It is not for everyone, but I am hoping it is for this one.

Are you obsessed or what?



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