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Twenty years ago when I was in an intense French manicure phase, (it was really more of a thick white band with clear top coat) my biggest concern was that one day I would be sporting a significant sized diamond on my left ring finger and it was my obligation and responsibility to always posses perfectly manicured hands.  Chipped and peeled polish would be an affront to the radiance of the ring.  My priorities may have shifted over the years, but belief in a well-maintained manicure is steadfast.


Crafting, typing, wrapping and pretending my index finger is a screwdriver pretty much takes a toll on freshly applied nail lacquer.  No matter how careful, what product or application of such, my mani would resemble that of a summer squatter, ragged and wretched.  The residue of my hair dye (yes, it’s true I am not a natural red head.) adheres itself to the clear topcoat preventing me from wearing anything that isn’t dark or a red hue.   Even with all the challenges of preserving a perfectly polished hand, going bare is not an option.


When my manicurist of the past decade had unceremoniously departed the industry, I was mildly devastated, but this unforeseen break up forced me to meet someone new.   And I found love in the form of Cal Gel.  I was skeptical about the process and thought it would destroy my natural nail.  The price alone was reason to reconsider, but the results are amazing.  My nails are stronger, healthier and happier than they have been in years.  The manicure lasts at minimum 3 weeks, which is actually cost effective.



The color and finish options alone can keep me content through the next year.  Factor in the design concepts and now my biggest issue is what mini masterpiece do I want next?  These nail technicians are true artists.  The staff at Sakura Nail Spa are experts in the application of Cal Gel and for most of them, this is a legitimate career, not an unskilled labor.  With each visit I am continually in awe of their talent and creativity.


I’m actually reluctant to post this blog because it’s already near impossible to secure an appointment!  But if you desire long lasting, show stopping fingertips then I advise you make a booking – just do it at the uptown location.


Taken with my own talons,


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