my monday morning obsession


decorate-your-own-chuck-taylors stained-by-sharpie

Children of the 70s – do you recall those insipid Reese Peanut Butter Cup commercials when one person was walking around town spooning peanut butter straight from the jar and another was chomping on a brick of chocolate?  Because they were so oblivious & self absorbed, they collided and their respected snacks got all mixed up?  The discovery of this mash-up was so epic that it literally changed lives.


Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I happened upon the Converse display at Utrecht on Saturday.  My 2 great loves – bright white Chuck Taylor high tops & Sharpie fine point met and fell in love and now were birthing an infinite family of possibilities thanks to the new fabric specific marker.  Oh how my 14yr old self would have quickly dumped her reliable pink chucks stained from a black Sharpie’s bleeding edge for this bright & bold newcomer.

I feel a fall theme footwear will be making an appearance in my shoe closet.  Hope the plain white ones won’t turn green with envy.  xxoo.


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