have a seat

Many times throughout furniture history there have been classics born into the world. Fine examples of this: the Saarinen Tulip Table, the Starck Louis Ghost Chair, the Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Chair and the 24 century old curule chair (which has evolved into the much used x bench.) All of these fabulous designs have transcended time and style ... read more

vinegar, lemons and baking soda: nature’s tools

What do you do if you're someone that cleans her home, makes a minimal effort to live green, is conscious of the health effects produced by the products they use, is perhaps at least somewhat hyperaware that the price of household cleaners is ridiculous and is into homeopathy? The answer is you become a devotee of nature's tools. Lemon, ... read more

h 2 the o 2 the bottle

I have a love/hate relationship with water. I need it always, desire it sometimes but when I've been busy working at jobs (never an apartmentjeanie job, of course) without access to a cooler, faucet or preferably bottled water, it’s impossible to even focus on water consumption. Ok, so I can be a little melodramatic, but it can be a chore to drink ... read more

home is where the heart is…when hosting family

My sister has lived abroad with her adorable family for the past 6 years. We speak over the phone daily but that doesn't take away from any excitement I feel when they're in NYC. This summer I'll be hosting part of the Profeta family for a month. This brings me to ponder what it really means to host them. I'm not the most attentive host that ... read more

sneak peak photo shoot

I’ve often feel a ping of jealousy when looking at shelter magazines & design blogs that feature beautifully executed photo shoots of interiors. It is always a struggle for me to promote the amazing transformations that we create for apartmentjeanie clients as the furnishings, decor & overall effect rarely represent our design style. What ... read more

money 2.0 – the sequel

What a difference a year makes! 12 months ago I didn’t have a business coach, much less knew why I would need one. A year ago, I had never metmy VA (virtual assistant to those unfamiliar with the initials) in person although she had access to every password, checking account and my social security number. Before May 2014, I had never been in the ... read more