do the charleston

This month I did something completely uncharacteristic - I vacationed in the same location 2x.  The fact that I repeated a travel destination more than 2x ever is unheard of much less in the same calendar year.  I'm completely enamored by Charleston's mix of colorful history, inventive cuisine & tattooed mixologists.   New & old blend ... read more

without a trace

Holy guacamole - it has been a minute since I wrote a blog post.  Not that I don't have a gazillion ideas and every intention of posting them, I just have been a very busy business owner.  Which I suppose has fared well because I have been receiving a ton of awesome emails from other businesses that are watching what I am doing, reading the blog, ... read more

trash or treasure street find

my trash, her treasure

It has been an obscenely long time since I posted.  To say I've been busy with client work is an understatement, but I wasn't too busy to have the rare opportunity to observe this woman deliberate over the merits of my recently discarded tv stand.  (It had been striped it of all its crafty charm prior to leaving it in the building's trash ... read more

brooklyn flea market score

I used to date a guy who never knew what day of the week it was or what date of the month or quite possibly what month we were presently living in.  As someone who has built a career because I have an uncontrollable compulsion for detailed organization, I thought his inability to be aware of time was ludicrous. Until today when I showed up at ... read more

petite pet portraits

I have extolled the mastery of the nail technicians at Sakura Nail Spa in New York City in previous posts and their creative application never ceases to amaze. Around last Christmas, my manicurist of many years showed an Instagram image of my beloved bulldog, Little Bit to a visiting technician from the Tokyo location.  He (yes, that is correct ... read more

procrastination produces pretty photo display

For those that know me well or even met me once probably know that I like things neat & tidy.  A messy desk is my kryptonite, but I am coming to terms that a little disorganization gives you the opportunity to organize.  Chaos requires order, but unless there is chaos, order isn't truly being achieved. I had decided to go through 12 old work ... read more