Apartmentjeanie is a life style service that assists the client in creating a more polished, cohesive and efficient home and work space.  While working closely with the client, a style direction can be determined that truly reflects who will inhabit and utilize the space.

The intention is to implement what the client already owns and treasures, but recycle and repurpose with innovation and new functionality.  The final result is a fresh design motif constructed from the familiar and cherished.

By eliminating clutter and organizing the visual chaos, a harmonious sense of re-vitalized energy flow is permitted to prevail.

Apartmentjeanie isn’t just about the physical transformation that occurs when the accumulation of one’s possessions are edited and streamlined, it is a feeling of liberation and tranquility.

After all, one should be surrounded by what they love, not overwhelmed by it.

How can apartmentjeanie help you be happy in your home and efficient in your office?

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